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Instead, they use perfectly hilarious profanity to get their point across.

They're joining us to make "corn-ve-lopes: a corn tortilla folded up to deliver tasty taco mail directly to your taste buds.

The shocking footage was posted by Stephanie Pearson, who says she had been sent the footage and decided to post it online.

Miss Pearson also shared parts of the conversation she had with Millar when she confronted him about the video. When I asked SKINNY why he done that to a poor dog can clearly tell in the video that the dog dearnt even lift it's head never mind look at him!

With the tag line "Eat like you give a f*ck," they won't ask you nicely to eat your veggies.

These roasted cauliflower tacos are a special f*cking delivery." So crack open that beer, and let's get to work making tasty vegan tacos.

This is the shocking moment a thug kicked a husky in the head and now the RSPCA is hunting for the puppy because it has gone missing.

Prosecutor Shanti Maguire said the victim feared he was going to die as he desperately banged on a window for help.

is the largest gay/bi/trans social network where members communicate with Black and Latino Brothas/Sistas.

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